Suggested citation:
Shung-King M, Lake L, Sanders D & Hendricks M (eds) (2019) South African Child Gauge 2019. Cape Town: Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town.

ISBN: 978-0-620-85838-0

This 14th annual review of the situation of the country’s children is published by the Children’s Institute (CI), University of Cape Town, in partnership with UNICEF South Africa; the DSI-NRF Centre for Excellence in Human Development, University of the Witwatersrand; The Standard Bank Tutuwa Community Foundation; and the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation. The theme of the 2019 issue – “Child and Adolescent Health: Leave no one behind” – is a call to prioritise child and adolescent health and put children at the heart of the health care system.

When citing the Child Gauge, please remember to acknowledge the authors of individual chapters, for example:

Shung-King M, Lake L, Sanders D & Hendricks M (eds) (2019) South African Child Gauge 2019. Cape Town: Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town.

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Policy brief


Legislative developments affecting children 2018/2019



  1. Prioritising child and adolescent health: A human rights imperative 
  2. Child health matters: A life course perspective 
  3. The first 1,000 days: Ensuring mothers and young children thrive 
  4. Thriving in the second decade: Bridging childhood and adulthood for South Africa’s adolescents
  5. Long term health conditions in children: Towards comprehensive care
  6. Violence, injury and child safety: The new challenge for child health 
  7. Maternal, child and adolescent mental health: An ecological life course perspective 
  8. The triple burden of malnutrition in childhood: Causes, policy implementation and recommendations 
  9. The impact of environment on South Africa’s children: An overlooked health risk
  10. Putting children and adolescents at the heart of the health system
  11. Building a workforce for a child- and family-centred health service






Child Guage 2019 Launch

RXradio is a radio station by and for children at Red Cross Children’s Hospital. Here their young reporters interview some of the speakers at the launch of the South African Child Gauge questioning the findings from a child-centred point of view.

Lori Lake on key findings of the 2019 South African Child Gauge

For an overview of the key findings, listen to Lori Lake deliver the social responsiveness lecture to the Department of Psychiatry,  UCT.