South African Child Gauge 2005
Jacobs M, Shung-King M & Smith C (eds) 2005
Children's Institute, University of Cape Town 

South African Child Gauge 2005: Children and HIV/AIDS

The South African Child Gauge is the only publication in the country that provides an annual snap-shot of the status of South Africa’s children.

It is published by the Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town, to track South Africa’s progress towards realising children’s rights.

The 2005 issue focused on children and HIV/AIDS.

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List of tables, figures and case studies

Mrs Graca Machel, Chair of the Board of Advisors, Children's Institute

Reflections on child rights and the Constitution
Justice Albie Sachs, Constitutional Court Judge

Children in South Africa
Marian Jacobs (Children’s Institute)



Legislative developments 2004 and 2005
Paula Proudlock (Children’s Institute)     PART TWO: HIV/AIDS AND CHILDREN


Children and antiretroviral roll-out: Towards a comprehensive approach
Maylene Shung-King (Children’s Institute) and Paul Roux (School of Child and Adolescent Health, University of Cape Town)

Social security for children in the time of HIV/AIDS: The (mis)use of foster care?
Helen Meintjes (Children’s Institute), Debbie Budlender (Centre for Actuarial Research), Sonja Giese (Absolute Return for Kids) and Leigh Johnson (Centre for Actuarial Research)

Schools as nodes of care and support for children affected by HIV, AIDS and poverty.
Sonja Giese (Absolute Return for Kids), Helen Meintjes and Jo Monson (Children’s Institute)

Heroes in the context of vulnerability: The participation of children in the Children’s Bill
Namhla Mniki (Children’s Institute)



Introducing Children Count - Abantwana Babalulekile
Annie Leatt and Lizette Berry (Children’s Institute)

Demography of South Africa's children
Helen Meintjes, Annie Leatt and Lizette Berry (Children’s Institute)

Children's access to social assistance
Annie Leatt, Helen Meintjes and Lizette Berry (Children’s Institute)

Child health: The general context
Kashifa Abrahams and Lizette Berry (Children’s Institute) and Michael Hendricks (Child Health Unit, University of Cape Town)

Child health: HIV/AIDS
Maylene Shung-King, Kashifa Abrahams and Lizette Berry (Children’s Institute)

Children’s access to water, sanitation and electricity
Annie Leatt and Lizette Berry (Children’s Institute)

Children’s access to housing
Katharine Hall and Lizette Berry (Children’s Institute)

Children’s access to education
Lizette Berry and Norma Rudolph (Children’s Institute)

Technical notes on the indicators and data sources
About the contributors