South African Child Gauge 2016
Delany A, Jehoma S & Lake L (eds) 2016
Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town

The South African Child Gauge is the only publication in the country that provides an annual snap-shot of the status of South Africa’s children.

It is published by the Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town, to track South Africa’s progress towards realising children’s rights.

The 2016 issue issue focuses on the theme of Children and Social Assistance.

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Back cover
Broad overview
List of boxes, cases, figures and tables
List of abbreviations

Francie Lund, Chair of the former Lund Committee on Child and Family Support

Bathabile Dlamini, Minister of Social Development


Legislative developments in 2015/2016
Stefanie Röhrs, Lizette Berry, Lori Lake and Maylene Shung-King


Overview of part two

Children and social assistance: An introduction
Aislinn Delany, Alejandro Grinspun and Evelyne Nyokangi

Children’s contexts: Household living arrangements, poverty and care
Katharine Hall and Debbie Budlender

The evolution of the Child Support Grant
Leila Patel and Sophie Plagerson

No small change: The multiple impacts of the Child Support Grant on child and adolescent well-being
Alejandro Grinspun

Common concerns and misconceptions: What does the evidence say?
Michell Mpike, Gemma Wright, Stefanie Röhrs, Zaheera Mohamed and Lindi Mzankomo

Implementation of social grants: Improving delivery and increasing access
Aislinn Delany and Selwyn Jehoma

Social assistance for orphaned children living with family
Katharine Hall and Sipho Sibanda

Expanding social assistance for children: Considering policy proposals
Aislinn Delany and Paula Proudlock

Increasing the amount of the Child Support Grant
Debbie Budlender

Universalisation of the Child Support Grant
Selwyn Jehoma and Eleonora Guarnieri

Pregnancy and maternal support for the protection of mothers and young children
Alex van den Heever

Extending the Child Support Grant to youth aged 21 years in education and training
Maureen Mogotsi and Engenas Senona

Introducing the Child Support Grant top-up for orphaned children living with family members
Katharine Hall and Ann Skelton

Weighing up the policy proposals: Some considerations
Paula Proudlock

Social assistance for children: Looking back, thinking forward
Mastoera Sadan and Aislinn Delany


Introducing Children Count

Demography of South Africa’s children
Katharine Hall and Winnie Sambu

Income poverty, unemployment and social grants
Katharine Hall and Winnie Sambu

Child Health
Katharine Hall, Nadine Nannan and Winnie Sambu

Children’s access to education
Katharine Hall

Children’s access to housing
Katharine Hall

Children’s access to services
Katharine Hall and Winnie Sambu

Technical notes on the data sources

About the contributors

About the South African Child Gauge

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