Much has changed since Parliament passed the Children's Act in 2005.  Now they want to change parts of the Act that do not work in practice or that no longer apply. The changes they want to make are in a new draft law called the Children’s Amendment Bill [B18 of 2020].


These videos aim to help you understand the what the Children's Amendment Bill says about:


The rights of unmarried fathers and their children with Mbonisi Nyathi


Unmarried fathers


The rules about children in alternative care and support to help children leave (e.g. child and youth care centres), with Gerald Jacobs


Alternative Care


Kinship and foster care – care by grannies and aunts or other relatives for children without parents, with Paula Proudlock


Kinship care


Why the Children's Amendment Bill should support the implementation of the ban on corporal punishment (smacking or beating) with Isabel Magaya


Getting rid or corporal punishment in the home


Privacy in court cases involving children, with Prof Ann Skelton from the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child


The right to privacy and court proceedings