The South African Child Gauge® is a flagship publication that provides an annual snapshot of the status of children in South Africa. By drawing on the latest research evidence, the Child Gauge presents a set of plain language essays on a different theme each year, alongside an update on legislative developments that affect children’s rights. It also includes datasets that track various socio-economic indicators related to children, and is accompanied by a pull-out poster on the theme, a policy brief, and a child-friendly summary.

The Child Gauge aims to track South Africa’s progress in realising children’s rights. Annual themes are chosen to inform, focus – and sometimes direct – national dialogue on an issue which has particular impact on the rights of children in South Africa.

Previous themes include:

2020: Food and nutrition security: The slow violence of malnutrition

2019: Child and adolescent health: Leave no one behind

2018: Children, Families and the State

2017: Survive, Thrive, Transform

2016: Children and social assistance

2015: Youth and the intergenerational transmission of poverty

2014: Preventing violence against children

2013: Essential services for young children

2012: Children and inequality: Closing the gap

2010/2011: Children as citizens: Participating in social dialogue

2009/2010: Healthy children: From survival to optimal development

2008/2009: Meaningful access to basic education

2007/2008: Children’s constitutional right to social services

2006: Children and poverty

2005: Children and HIV/AIDS

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