Hall K, Richter L, Mokomane Z & Lake L (eds), Children's Institute, University of Cape Town

The thirteenth issue of the South African Child Gauge® focuses on children in relation to families and the state, both of which are central to providing for children and supporting their development.

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Hall K, Richter L, Mokomane Z & Lake L (eds) (2018) South African Child Gauge 2018. Cape Town: Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town

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Recent developments in law and policy affecting children 2017/2018
Paula Proudlock & Stefanie Röhrs


Introduction: Children, families and the state 
Katharine Hall & Linda Richter

The shape of children’s families and households: A demographic overview 
Katharine Hall & Zitha Mokomane

Legal perspectives: Children, families and the state
Karabo Ozah & Ann Skelton

Living customary law and families in South Africa
Elena Moore & Chuma Himonga

Negotiating the care of children and support for caregivers 
Nolwazi Mkhwanazi, Tawanda Makusha, Deidre Blackie, Lenore Manderson, Katharine Hall & Mayke Huijbregts

Stopping family violence: Integrated approaches to address violence against women and children
Lucy Jamieson, Shanaaz Mathews & Stefanie Röhrs

Income support for children in the context of poverty and inequality
Debbie Budlender

Interactions between the family and the state in children’s health, education and social development
Linda Richter, with contributions from Andy Dawes, Andrea Juan, Lori Lake, Busi Nkala-Dlamini,Vijay Reddy,
Ben Roberts, Nic Spaull & Linda Theron (alphabetically)

Supporting families in South Africa: A policy map
Patricia Martin, Katharine Hall & Lori Lake


Introducing Children Count 
Demography of South Africa’s children
Income poverty, unemployment and social grants
Child health
Children’s access to education
Children’s access to housing
Children’s access to services
About the contributors