November 2012

Shocking find on child abuse
The Times, p. 2/Times Live, 13/11/2012

Child murder cases slipping through cracks, says MRC
Business Day Online, 08/11/2012

 October 2012

Female and child homicide high
SABC3, 7 pm News, 07/10/2012

Child Gauge 2012 shines spotlight on inequality and poverty
UCT Monday Paper, 31.17, 29/10/2012

SA loses sight of UN's MDG targets
Business Report, Cape Times, 25/10/2012, p. 20

Child Gauge 2012 shines spotlight on inequality and poverty
UCT Health Sciences Faculty Online News, 24/10/2012

Children and inequalities in South Africa
Talk Shop, SAfm, 23/10/2012

SA in breach of children's rights
Pretoria News, 23/10/2012, p. 6

Inequality shapes the new generation
Pretoria News, 22/10/2012, p. 6

A child-friendly focus will help us redraw the map
The Star, 22/10/2012, p. 11

Kryt en klei as toebroodjie
Die Burger Online, 21/10/2012 

Poverty means 72 million children not at school
Sunday Independent, 21/10/2012, p. 8

Trevor moet mooi dink oor daai splinter
Die Burger, 20/10/2012, p. 12

Kinders is almal se plig, sê Manuel
Volksblad, p.9/Volksblad Online, 19/10/2012

EC children live far from health
Daily Dispatch, 19/10/2012, p. 3

Early intervention needed for the young
The Star, 19/10/2012, p. 20

SA's Child Gauge 2012: Suffer the little children
Daily Maverick, 19/10/2012

Findings of the SA Child Gauge 2012
Bush Radio, 19/10/2012

Too many kids go hungry
Pretoria News, 19/10/2012, p. 7

SA has ‘lost its compass’
The Times, p. 6/Times Live, 18/10/2012

S. Africa's children still face apartheid-like inequality
AFP, 18/10/2012

Child programmes vital for equality
Sowetan, p. 9/Sowetan Live, 18/10/2012 

Worlds apart
Witness, 18/10/2012, p. 11

We need to map out a future for SA’s children
The Mercury, 18/10/2012, p. 11

Bay’s poorer kids lose out
The Herald, 18/10/2012, p. 6

Children most affected
The New Age, 18/10/2012, p. 2

Children ‘are most affected by inequality’
Daily News, 18/10/2012, p. 5 

Education: Manuel questions parents' role
The Herald, p. 6, 18/10/2012

Breaking cycle of poverty starts with children
Business Day, p. 11/Business Day Online, 18/10/2012

Schools fail to teach essential skills, says Manuel
Business Day/Business Day Online, 18/10/2012

Invest in linking needy young children to services
Pretoria News, p. 15/IOL, 18/10/2012

Inequality shapes lives of millions of children trapped in patchwork web
Cape Times, p. 9, 18/10/2012

41% of children in poorest homes
Cape Argus, p. 11, 18/10/2012

Most black kids live in poverty - study
Cape Times/IOL, 18/10/2012  

Our opinion: Children in urgent need
Daily Dispatch, p. 9/Daily Dispatach Online, 18/10/2012

EC is one of the worst areas for children
Daily Dispatch, p. 1/Daily Dispatach Online, 18/10/2012

Kinders se probleme in soeklig
Die Burger, p. 4/Die Burger Online, 18/10/2012

Rural children 'live in poverty'
The Citizen, p. 4/The Citizen Online, 18/10/2012

SA's young need a solid start - the sooner the better
Cape Argus, 18/10/2012, p. 19

Early intervention crucial to development
Daily News Online, 18/10/2012

Most black SA kids live in poverty – study
The Post Online, 18/10/2012

Great disparity in lives of SA children
Health-e, 18/10/2012

Parents urged to be more involved in children’s lives
SABC News Online, 18/10/2012

Launch of the Child Gauge 2012
SABC2 Morning Live, 18/10/2012

Launch of the Child Gauge 2012
e.News Channel Africa, 18/10/2012

Launch of the Child Gauge 2012
Radio Islam, 18/10/2012

Child Gauge study
News at 11.00, Gagazi 99.5 FM (isiZulu), 18/10/2012

SA has lost its compass
News at 09:00, Capricorn FM, 18/10/2012

South African Child Gauge 2012
Current Affairs, Thobela FM (Sepedi), 18/10/2012

South African Child Gauge 2012
Ndevhe Tsini, Phalapala FM (Venda), 18/10/2012

South African Child Gauge 2012
Sivukile Breakfast Show, Ikwekwezi FM (isiNdebele), 18/10/2012

South African Child Gauge 2012
Laphum-ikwezi, Umhlobo Wenene (isiXhosa), 18/10/2012

South African Child Gauge 2012
News at 09:00, Good Hope FM, 17/10/2012

South African Child Gauge 2012
The Breakfast Show, Cape Talk, 17/10/2012

Launch of the Child Gauge 2012
Radio Sonder Grense, 18/10/2012

Need to focus on early years
The Star, p. 13/The Star Online, 17/10/2012

Children still live in unequal worlds, 17/10/2012

Children still face apartheid-like inequality
The New Age Online, 17/10/2012

Rural children 'live in poverty'
TheCitizen, p. 4/The Citizen Online, 17/10/2012

South Africa: Child Gauge 2012 - Parliament Must Debate the State of Children, 17/10/2012

Inequality affects children most
IOL, 17/10/2012

SA voer oorlog teen sy kinders, sê DA-LP
Beeld, p. 6/Beeld Online, 17/10/2012

Launch of the Child Gauge 2012
CNBC Africa, 17/10/2012

Launch of the Child Gauge 2012
Talk Shop, SAfm, 16/10/2012

Friends of the court can give evidence
Daily Dispatch, 10/10/2012, p. 3 

 September 2012

Discussion on new kinship benefit grant
SAfm, 12/09/2012

Adoption processes
Kfm, 12/09/2012

Granny grant ruling concern
Southern Mail, 12/09/2012, p. 5

South Africa: Ten-year-old orphan's case wins rights for millions, 07/09/2012

Poverty and inequality debated
CNBC, 05/09/2012 

Made in Manenberg
Independent Online, 05/09/2012 Originally in: Cape Argus, 05/09/2012 

Grant ruling disastrous
Daily Dispatch [Online],  05/09/2012

Action, not numbers, focus of conference
UCT Monday Paper, 04/09/2012

Oumas, oupas kry dalk nie meer dié toelae nie
Beeld [Online], 03/09/2012

Foster grant nightmare for SA's grandparents
The Herald [Online], 03/09/2012

Grandparents may lose foster grants
Dispatch Online, 03/09/2012

Grandparents' foster grants in jeopardy
Sowetan [Online], 03/09/2012

Grandparents will no longer qualify for foster care grants
Good Hope FM, Metro FM, Radio 2000, 5 FM,SAFM, 03/09/2012

Grannies may lose cash for grandkids
Sunday Times, 02/09/2012, p. 2

 July 2012

Children's Institute director takes a bow
UCT Monday Paper, 31(10), 23/07/2012

  May 2012

Child Protection Week debate
'Talkshop' on SAfm, 29/05/2012

State pays support for 11m children
Pretoria News Weekend, 26/05/2012, p.6

Now most children get grants
The Mercury, 25/05/2012, p. 4

Children are agents of social change, seminar participant says
UCT online news, 24/05/2012

Disgrace of kids living in abject poverty
Pretoria News Weekend, 02/05/2012, p. 4

 April 2012

Owerhede gee te min geld vir children in nood
Beeld, 24 April 2012, p. 14

Geld pootjie Kinderwet se toepassing
Beeld, 23 April 2012, p. 13

 March 2012

WC children rely on grants
Cape Talk, 29/03/2012

WC child poverty rates have decreased
Kfm 94.5, 29/03/2012

 February 2012

Worries about re-enrolment
Hall K 2012
Daily Voice, 28/02/2012, p. 12

The corporal punishment debate continues, 01/02/2012

Corporal punishment at home a sticky toffee
Fine Music Radio, 8 am, 01/02/2012

 January 2012

Spanking to become a crime?, 30/01/2012

Bid to ban spanking
IOL, 29/01/2012

New bid to have spanking banned
Times [Online] 29/01/2012, originally in Sunday Times, 29/01/2012, p.6.