Title: Disability - Coronavirus COVID-19

Source: South African National Government



Title: Persons with Disabilities Programme

Source: Western Cape Provincial Government



Title: Children with Disabilities

Source: Zita Hansugule - Centre for Child Law



Title: Leaving no-one behind: Considerations for children and adults with disabilities

Source: UNICEF



Title: Disability considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak

Source: World Health Organization



Title: COVID-19 Outbreak and Person's with Disabilities

Source: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs



Title: COVID-19 and Persons with Disabilities: Key messages

Source: United Nations Population Fund



Title: Joint statement on protecting the rights of learners with disabilities

Source: EELC and Centre for Child Law



Title: Inclusive approach for COVID-19 for Person's with Disabilities

Source: Inclusive Practices Africa



Source: Shonaquip




Source: Centre for Child Law




Source: Equal Education Law Centre




Title: Strategy document for Children's Sector Services

Source: Children's Sector Coalition