1. Analysing the nature and extent of child-headed households in South Africa
  2. Caring Schools: Schools as nodes of care and support
  3. Child abuse tracking study
  4. Child death reviews study
  5. Child Health Services review
  6. Child rights and child law for health professionals
  7. Child Survival Project
  8. Child-centred analysis of government’s budgets
  9. Children and antiretroviral treatment
  10. Children Count – Abantwana Babalulekile
  11. Children’s Act: Promoting implementation
  12. Children’s Bill Project
  13. Dikwankwetla – Children in Action: Facilitating children's participation in the Children's Bill
  14. Evaluations and case studies of the CI law-reform methodology
  15. Firearms injuries
  16. Foster care in the time of AIDS: Children 'in need of care' or in need of cash
  17. Growing up in a time of AIDS: Abaqophi BakwaZisize Abakhanyayo Children's Radio Project
  18. Health and social services to address the needs of orphans and other vulnerable children in South Africa
  19. Healthy cities
  20. Home truths: Residential care in the context of the AIDS pandemic
  21. Infants and HIV/AIDS in South Africa: The fragility of life
  22. Means to Live: Evaluating the targeting of poverty alleviation for poor children and their households
  23. Media and the representation of children affected by HIV/AIDS
  24. National Child Poverty Monitor
  25. National Children's Forum on HIV/AIDS
  26. National Directory of Services for children and youth infected and affected by HIV/AIDS
  27. National Health Act
  28. National school health services policy
  29. Ordinary Politics: Race and opportunity in contemporary South Africa
  30. Piloting the Care Dependency Grant assessment tool
  31. Project 28: Promoting children's socio-economic rights
  32. Rapid appraisal of primary level health care services for HIV-positive children at public sector clinics in South Africa
  33. Researching and developing systems to facilitate the identification, monitoring and support of vulnerable children
  34. Social Assistance Act and regulations
  35. Social assistance for orphaned children living with relatives
  36. Social Security and Disability
  37. Social security – towards comprehensive protection for children
  38. Social Service Practitioners Advocacy Network
  39. South African Child Gauge
  40. Southern Africa regional network on child indicators
  41. Theorising children’s participation: Learning across countries and across disciplines
  42. Western Cape Developmental Screening Programme