Year of publication: 2016

Authors: Lilian Artz, Patrick Burton, Catherine L Ward, Lezanne Leoschut, Joanne Phyfer, Sam Lloyd, Reshma Kassanjee and Cara Le Mottee

Publisher: UBS Optimus Foundation

Suggested Citation: Artz L, Burton P, Ward CL, Leoschut L, Phyfer J, Lloyd S, Kassanjee R & Le Mottee C (2016) Sexual victimisation of children in South Africa. Final Report of the Optimus Foundation Study: South Africa. Cape Town: UBS Optimus Foundation.


This report presents the findings of the Optimus Study conducted in South Africa. This study was designed specifically to estimate the annual incidence and lifetime prevalence of child sexual abuse and maltreatment in South Africa. Prior to this, no nationally representative data on the extent or impact of child sexual abuse existed.