Year Published: 2008

Authors: Shanaaz Mathews, Naeema Abrahams, Rachel Jewkes, Lorna J Martin, Carl Lombaard and Lisa Vetten

Publisher: World Health Organization

Suggested Citation: Mathews S, Abrahams N, Jewkes R, Martin LJ, Lombaard C & Vetten L (2008) Intimate femicide-suicide in South Africa: A cross-sectional study. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 86(7): 552-558. World Health Organization:


To examine the incidence and patterns of intimate femicide–suicide in South Africa and to describe the factors associated with an increase in the risk of suicide after intimate femicide (i.e. the killing of an intimate female partner). A cross-sectional retrospective national mortuary-based study was conducted at a proportionate random sample of 25 legal laboratories to identify all homicides committed in 1999 of women aged over 13 years.