Year Published: 2012

Authors: Shanaaz Mathews, Naeemah Abrahams, Rachel Jewkes, Lorna J Martin and Carl Lombard

Publisher: South African Medical Research Council

Suggested Citation: Mathews S, Abrahams N, Jewkes R, Martin LJ & Lombard C (2012) Child homicide patterns in South Africa: Is there a link to child abuse? A research brief. South African Medical Research Council. Augusts.


This study was a national retrospective mortuary based survey, collecting data on both male and female child homicides for 2009. All operating mortuaries were stratified based on number of post-mortem’s performed for 2009. A random sample was drawn using proportional allocation from three strata. Based on this, weights were calculated to allow national estimates for the number of child homicides. In all, 38 mortuaries was included.