The Child Survival Project was aimed at contributing to research and advocacy on child survival in South Africa.

Given the large amount of preventable child deaths, the project aimed to harness evidence needed to aid integrated planning between sectors whose efforts could potentially improve child survival in South Africa. The project made available information on child deaths to key decision-makers to:

  1. place children’s health issues on the national agenda by lobbying for an annual child death inquiry; and
  2. lobby for an integrated approach across all sectors to reduce child deaths at national, provincial and local levels.

The project identified measures by the South African government could potentially impact on child survival. These were analysed using a refined and detailed version of the ‘reasonableness test’ developed by the Constitutional Court in past cases that dealt with socio-economic rights. These measures were examined to assess the extent to which the State is fulfilling its baseline obligations to children’s rights of survival and development.

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