Child Rights and Child Law for Health and Allied Professionals (CRaCL)

The Children’s Institute has developed a cutting-edge short course in child rights and child law for health and allied professionals - including training on consent to medical treatment and the reporting of child abuse and neglect as outlined in the new Children’s Act and amendments to the Sexual Offences Act.


The course aims to build a network of health and allied professionals interested in promoting children’s rights and sharing best practice, and will:

  • deepen your understanding of child rights and child law in South Africa;
  • enable you to apply this understanding in your daily practice;
  • enable you to advocate for children’s health both within and outside the health care system.

The course is accredited by both the Health Professions Council of South Africa and the SA Council for Social Service Professions, and is targeted at doctors, nurses, educators, social workers and allied professionals who are responsible for child health at all levels of the health care system.