Adversity increases children’s risk for mental health problems

31 May 2023
Mental health
31 May 2023

Joint press statement issued by the Children’s Institute, the Centre for Public Mental Health and the Centre for Autism Research in Africa at the University of Cape Town; Institute of Life Course Health Research, University of Stellenbosch; and the South African Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions:

Tomorrow, June 1, marks the intersection of Child Protection Week and Youth Month. As we focus attention on the needs of young people in the lead up to June 16, we are calling on the State to put the human and financial resources in place to close the treatment gap and deliver on young people’s right to mental health services.

Child and adolescent mental health is the foundation of a strong, vibrant and caring society. Yet far too many of our youth are struggling with their mental health and unable to access care and support. The recently released National Mental Health Policy signals government’s commitment to prioritise the needs of children and adolescents, but we also know that child and adolescent mental health services are in crisis and that recent cuts in health care spending pose a further threat to service delivery.

Click here to read our full statement. Click here to sign our petition demanding better mental health services for children.